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Option Grid Book

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The first edition of the Option Grid™ book: "Option Grid: Heath decisions made easier" is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK

It compiles all Option Grid decision aids published as of July 2015, using spiral binding for easy browsing and copying. The book also provides information about the rationale for Option Grid decision aids, their development, recommendations for optimal use, the key principles of shared decision making and preference diagnosis in clinic  visits, as well as risk communication. We have also included two new 
Open Option Grid decision aids, to use in the clinic visit when an Option Grid decision aid is not yet available for the health options being considered.

The book was written with busy clinicians in mind, and will provide all the information you need to quickly and easily get up to speed with Option Grid decision aids, use the tools in your daily practice, and meaningfully engage patients in important discussions  about their health and care.

"Glyn Elwyn and Marie-Anne Durand have focused here on a key piece of the critically important practical challenge of making shared decision making easy in practice. This first edition of Option Grids: Health decisions made easier, offers clinicians and health systems a practical set of tools intended to accelerate progress toward widespread adoption of shared decision making in practice. The current health care system remains largely focused on delivering to patients what physicians think they need and want. Option Grids can help us make sure we focus on what patients really want, even when that's a cold shower on a hot day." 

-Elliott Fisher, Director of The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice